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SAM Members Top Gun Competitors 2011

         This page is tribute to SAM members who competed at Frank Tiano's Top Gun Event.  We had several members who competed,

Rich, Feroldi, Greg Foushi, Jason Bauer, Steve Thomas, Bob Arnold, Doug Pierce, all competed and worked hard to

get the chance.  The hard work and dedication it takes to compete at this level is amazing, all of these guys deserve a

round of applause. 

 The pictures on this page are from David Hart, another guy that does a great job and deserves a round of applause.

And of course, thanks most of all to Frank Tiano for planning, resource work and executing such a great event!

Guys we thank and congratulate you all!  SAM is proud of your accomplishments!

Greg Foushi - LA-7

1st Place, Pro-Am Am

Additional Award:

Best Gas Performance

Greg will move to Pro-Am Pro at next year's event, congratulations Greg!

Jason Bauer - MIG 15

7th Place, Pro-Am Am

Jason is another long time Top Gun competitor

Rich Feroldi - Ansaldo SA5 

8th Place, Masters

Additional Award:

Best WWI Aircraft


Rich has competed at Top Gun for several years

Steve Thomas - Nieuport

11th Place, Pro-Am Am


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